How does QwikLinx work?
QwikLinx are unobtrusive web links that help users find information quickly by instantly linking them to a new web page with more information on a specific topic or a relevant product. The QwikLinx system analyzes which terms on a page are most relevant and then gives the consumer a quick link to more information on that topic.
How do users benefit from QwikLinx?
QwikLinx is a product that will make users browsing across the Internet more efficient. When users see a word or name that is underlined with a dotted line, they will be able to quickly link to more information on that topic. QwikLinx directs users to sites that are relevant to the underlined term, thus saving the user time.
How often will I see a QwikLinx?
QwikLinx goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible to the user but to provide the user with relevant information that allows them to make their time surfing the web as efficient as possible. We currently provide five to ten QwikLinx per page depending on the relevancy of the content.
Will QwikLinx slow down my computer's performance?
No, QwikLinx will not slow down the performance of your computer and will only insert relevant QwikLinx once the web-page has fully loaded.
How do I remove QwikLinx?
Uninstall QwikLinx in Internet Explorer:
  • Go to the Windows "Start" menu
  • Select "Control Panel"
  • Go to "Add/Remove Programs"
  • Remove QwikLinx
  • Once you have removed QwikLinx, restart your computer.
Uninstall QwikLinx in Firefox 3.0:
  • Go to "Tools" on the Firefox Menubar
  • Select "Add-ons"
  • Select the "Extensions" tab
  • Select "QwikLinx"
  • click "Uninstall"
Uninstall QwikLinx in Firefox 4.0+:
  • Go to "Tools" on the Firefox Menubar
  • Select "Add-ons"
  • Select the "Extensions" section
  • Select "QwikLinx"
  • click "Remove"
Is QwikLinx ad supported?
Qwiklinx is advertising supported with ads that are branded Quiklinx. Keywords may be double-underlined on webpages that you visit. When you hover over the link, you will see a small dialog box containing an advertisement. If you are interested in the advertisement, simply click on the ad to be directed to the advertiser's web page. If you're not interested in the ad, you can ignore the ad. When the mouse is moved away from the hyperlink, the ad unit will disappear. Additionally, other advertisements may appear when you are on the Internet generally and will be branded as Quiklinx.
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